About Us

Who We Are

Nepalese Association of Indiana, also known as NAI, is a non-profit (501 c-3), cultural organization established in 2010 with an objective to promote unity and collaboration among the people of Nepali origin, well-wishers, and friends. Our vision is a world where people from various backgrounds live in peace and harmony. We are a team of highly motivated individuals who strive to bring our broader Indiana communities together for the common good.

What Do we Do

We organize a number of educational, social, cultural, charitable, and sporting activities throughout the year. These activities allow the community members to get together and share their experiences, celebrate festivals, discuss issues, and be part of the greater Indiana Nepali family. Our cultural, sports, and poetry recitation events provide an outlet for the members, especially our young adults, to show case their talents and learn from each other.

In addition to social and cultural events, we have had organized several fundraisers to help global communities in need. The funds we collect during these events are fully dessiminated to the communities in need by collaborating with local organizations that work at the grass-root level.